About 3D Industries

3D Industries is the Midwest’s premier 3D CNC machining job shop. We support shop overflow or will manage your entire program while offering the highest standards and the quickest turnaround time available. We have experience machining a wide array of parts and have worked with all kind of companies. Our clients are large corporations, small companies, and independent entrepreneurs spanning many industries. In servicing such a broad range, we bring together a deep pool of varied disciplines, experience and skill to offer an extremely well rounded and diversified source for your complex 3D machining needs.

With state of the art equipment and processes, you can be assured of the finest quality and expertise on your project. Since 1997, we have been dedicated to providing the highest standards and most dependable services available anywhere. Through quality service, hard work, heavy reinvestment, and absolute dedication to each project, our growth and accomplishments have mirrored the enthusiasm for the work we do.